Security Systems

For burglary usually takes only a few minutes and insulted opposite opinion, burglaries occur not only in the dead of night, than at any time dana.Osim ulazanih door, easily accessible windows and rear doors are hidden critical areas of the house. The burglar is fast and knows what to radi.U more than half of the burglaries, the glass is not broken, but the sash just podignuto.Dodatni safety fittings can disable this window. Windows open to the statue, representing the burglar easy way to enter the kuću.Dvokrilna doors with handles that can not be locked also can be opened easily and quietly. Tips police in the west have to use proven and effective security technology such as additional safety fittings for windows and door handles with locks that can be locked as well as additional locks on windows and doors, or preferably a safety glass and, where necessary grid on the windows.

So in order to protect it is necessary to:

* Hardware on the wing is a sufficient number of gljivastih shutter.

* Do you have a sufficient number of security occlusive plate – chuck in the frame of the window

* For all the windows have handles with lock and anti-self-tapping device.

* Where it is necessary to have multiple intrusion insulating glass

* Disable the lifting lever glass / glazing molding, bonding glass or screws

When locking the window there are safety standards such as RC1 / WK1 (elements shackles only with rolls, except for the statue of fittings for window where a zipper and a mushroom-shaped), and RC2 / RC3 and WK2 / WK3 – The last is completely safe (all caps the mushroom-shaped with a special grips).


Drizzle GLASS

It is impossible to define how much moisture occurs in an apartment. The air can receive moisture in themselves until it is saturated same. Which amount of water vapor will be received, depending on its temperature, so at 0 ° C air can accommodate 6,13 mbar while at 30 ° C has a value of 42.29 mbar, which is seven times more.

From this it follows that if the air cools it does not have the ability to keep itself in the same amount of moisture, so that at one point the precipitation of moisture from it in the form of fine droplets that stands out on the coldest objects in the form of dew, and this temperature is called dew point.

Since the glass surface of the thinnest on the facade of your home, these are the most common surface with the lowest temperature, that is the reason that invests primarily occurs to them. Until the appearance of condensation on the glass with unurtrašnje sides can come and if the increased moisture in the area due to the uncontrolled evaporation in cooking, moisture in the walls, the increased number of pots with flowers and possibly an increased number of people.

These problems are solved by additional heating air or intermittent ventilation by opening windows on the statue briefly. In this way is provided and healthy air difficult condensation on the inner side of the glass. The use of insulated glass with a low coefficient of heat transfer through the glass k = 1.1W / m2K (which is on the west binding on the newly attached window), condensation will occur at very low temperatures outside, which in turn depends on the humidity in the room. The amount of moisture in the room decreases ventilated room. Number of exchanges of air in the flat has to be such, that during a one hour air in to replace the flat twice. This change will provide appropriate microclimate in the apartment in order to avoid an increased concentration of CO and CO2.

By replacing the air in the room, we have reduced the likelihood of rose with respect to the air that has entered into an apartment outside poorer moisture and can accommodate an additional amount of moisture in itself. Problems with moisture specifically expressed in apartments on the walls of a plastic facades that are water vapor, which is impossible so. breathing walls.


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